Will you have enough players to form a team at my childs age level?

During the tryout registration process & tryouts we will begin to gain more clarity what the numbers look like. We cannot promise a team until invitations begin to be accepted and we know the true numbers at each age level.

We do not have to form a team at an age level only if we have enough players specific to that age level (for example u14 boys team with all u14 boys). We will evaluate each players developmental level during tryouts and determine what developmental environment is best for each specific player. (for example we could form a team with two ages combined if that is what is best for those players).

As discussed in the parent meeting, because we are a part of a much bigger pool of players through FC Dallas, we have the option of combining players in different locations to form a team of players with like development levels, have them train in their hometown areas, and come together for tournaments, games, instead of just putting a bunch of kids together at an age to form a team.

When will you assign coaches to respective teams?

Our process is: (1) Tryouts to evaluate the kids (2) Determine team selection based on development levels of the kids (3) Assign a coach to a team to match the coaches strengths with the specific needs of each individual team. We will be able to announce our coaching assignments during the invitation process beginning May 11 (u11-13), June 15 (u14-17).

Where will training and games be located?

Currently we have an agreement with LSUS to provide a facility for our training and games. We are working hard to secure more locations around NW Louisiana to provide convenience to NWLA families. We plan to announce these locations very soon!

What is the registration cost / how can I pay?

$995 is the registration fee for each player.

Parents can pay in full or make monthly payments.

We have a multi-child discount of 1/3 off registration after two children registered in full.

What other Costs?

There is a team fee which is to cover the cost of touraments and then the uniform cost. The team fee is different for each team based on total players on team, how many tournaments and which tournaments are selected because each tournament has a different cost.

How much is the uniform kit?

The average cost of the uniform kit is $300. More details on exactly what is included and what it looks like will be live on the website very soon.

How will you handle the high school season / LSHSSA rules?

We are currently in communication to ensure we have clear understanding of the rules and how we can work cooperatively to provide our club players support / opportunities during this time. We will be providing further information as we gain full clarity.

Will you offer any programs during this spring / summer?

YES! We will be opening registration for our JDP (Junior Development Program) in the coming days and offering multiple locations throughout NW Louisiana. We also have some other programs that we will be offering in conjunction with the Men's World Cup.


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