Player Spotlight-Sid Cleofe 04 Boys

“Train Locally, Play Globally” isn't just a catchphrase for us here at FCD-ETX. Its a creed in which we strive to uphold each and every day. Each training session and game is another opportunity for our players and coaches to develop into the best versions of themselves they can be. For one particular player in our club, this phrase came to fruition and earned him an experience of a lifetime.

Sid Cleofe, an 04 FCD-ETX player, competed internationally during the Spring break period of March 14-23rd. Sid traveled and played in Portugal while representing North Texas Soccer association on the US Soccer Region III ODP team. During his 3 matches against international opponents, Sid racked up an impressive 3 assists and 1 goal while playing as an attacking center-midfielder. When asked about his experience against international competition he stated that “...teams there were very physical compared to teams here and very technically good”.

In keeping with the idea that our players “Train Locally, Play Globally”, Sid noted that his level of play and training with his FCD-ETX 04 team had paved the way for him to reach such heights in his young youth career. “Training and playing with the level of players we have here at FC Dallas definitely prepared me in so many ways”. This is the quality experience that our club looks to bring about for every player. Sid and his story is to be celebrated and be a beacon for all those players aspiring to reach new heights both here in East Texas and all the way to Portugal.

We congratulate Sid on his trip and experience and look forward to more from Sid and many other FC Dallas East Texas Players!


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