The FCD Way as we like to refer to it, is a collective method of soccer coaching and play; a system that embodies more than just the type of soccer skills and techniques we teach on the field. It reaches beyond the notions of winning and instead challenges players to focus on success and fulfillment of on and off the field achievements and goals. The FCD Way shapes the very essence of our developmental program. It incorporates both on the field training, as well as off the field principles including player welfare, college preparation and recruiting, academic support, integrity and fair dealings, sportsmanship, and work ethic. Our focus extends beyond giving kids the opportunity to succeed in soccer we want kids to succeed in the world around them. Each FC Dallas ETX (FCD-ETX) Coach will receive a copy of The FCD Coaching Manual, including access to the very techniques and on field systems that distinguish our program from so many others. The FCD Way will be consistently implemented and followed from every age of development all the way up into our professional team. We want our players to be identifiable and distinguished. To play as an FCDY player is more than wearing an FCD jersey: it is having professional soccer education, professional training, and involvement within the same development system utilized by our professional team.

The FCD-ETX Age Specific Soccer Curriculum will provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes player development in a challenging, yet enjoyable way. It is a superior alternative to recreational team programs and offers Boys and Girls age U7-U19 the opportunity for advanced team development in soccer through a detailed progressive curriculum.

The FCD-ETX Soccer Curriculum is committed to bringing more technical expertise into each specific age-group program, creating a curriculum of instruction specific to developmental needs at each age group level. It has the focused objective of developing players of all skill levels and preparing those players for the game at the competitive level.

The Curriculum is based on key developmental needs that have been identified for each age group. The program is divided into modules that follow a progressive curriculum that focuses on fundamentals, applied techniques and tactical awareness in game situations. The FCD-ETX coaching staff will follow the coaching curriculum developing the technical, tactical, physical, and mental components of the game in an age appropriate manner. Through this curriculum, coaches are able to develop players and groups within their pool in a way that best suits their progress and developmental needs.


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